Orchids-in-Northern-Cyprus-170Orchids hold a special fascination for all naturalists because of their rarity and beauty. In Northern Cyprus, the orchids flora consists of 32 confirmed species, subspecies and varieties.

When first raindrops begin to kiss the rich soil of Cyprus, many hidden seeds come alive. In early hours of the morning, can you not only feel the scent of soil but along with the mountain breeze, you will realize once again that you are in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.
Nature re-awakes in November and enviroment is covered with green color and beautiful flowers with the beginning of rain seasons. Blooming of cyclamens, narcisses, hyacinths, irises and wild orchids enriches the scenery further.
April and may are the best months to enjoy the gold colored bright sun. Mimosas, mallows, jasmines and finally the roses blossom in the summer time and adorn the nature.
A different life awaits you along with Cyprus unmatched nature and flora, island becomes much more interesting different areas having different characteristics. You may see the goats in parts of Kyrenia near by the mountains. You can even choose one of them as a fellow traveller.

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