yesil-irmak-limnitisUS Pledge on Limnitis

The Limnitis crossing point will open despite political as well as financial difficulties, Government Spokesman Stefanos Stefanou has said.

“you have heard the President’s commitment Tuesday (09-03-2010), “ he added.

Mr.   Christofias had said that Cyprus has an obligation vis-a-vis the UN to cover any additional costs for the completion of the crossing point that will facilitate movement to .

The project will be completed as long as  Turkish Cypriots”do not create more obstacles in the way ahead,” added Christofias.

He was referring to political obstacles by the Turkish side , but also responding to reports that the USA had withdrawn promised assistance worth $1.5million.

Mr.Christofias clarified that no financial assistance had been withdrawn, but that the UN had submitted an additional request to cover the remaining coast.

US ambassador Franck Urbancic has also denied the aid withdrawal reports.

“We-within 24 hours-committed $900.000US, which is a very significant portion of our overall AID budget for the year, but I was very pleased to commit-that money,” he said on Wednesday after meeting Opposition Disy Leader Nicos Anastassiades.

“That money has never been with drawn and it will not be withdrawn and as soon as the United Nations is also to begin to implement the construction we will have the money there”, he added.

Anastassiades said the American ambassador assured him that the interest and obligations of the US remained constant and consistent.

“The US aspiration is for anything agreed between the two leaders in Cyprus, especially as regards confidence building measures, to be implemented”, he added.

For the past 45 years, Greek Cypriot residents in the area Limnitis, on the northwest , have to travel to Pafos, on the western coast, Limassol, on the south, in order to reach the capital Nicosia.

Opening a crossing point at Limnitis would make this journey far shorter. In the recent past, several crossing points .

Mr.Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Talat, who have been engaged in direct negotiations since September 2008, reached an agreement on opening the controversial crossing point nine months ago.

The agreement provides that in emergency cases fire engines and ambulances can cross  the ways. Moreover , the US Ambassador expressed his country’s strong support for another confidence building measure the restoration project of Apostolos Andreas monastery in the enclaved Karpaz Peninsula .

“This is a high priority, which we have been working on for quite a long time and we will continue to do that as well”, he said.

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