Local petrol prices among cheapest in EU. Cyprus has second cheapest petrol pump prices in Europe for 95 octane and is sixth when it comes to discount diesel, according to an EU oil bulletin.

The European league table is based on the average price of petrol (including tax) per 1,000 litres where Holland tops the table at a cost of Euro 1,520 followed by Greece on Euro1,520.

Bulgaria offers the cheapest petrol at the pumps costing Euro1,034.46 perĀ  1,000 litres with Cyprus second best chargingĀ  Euro1,090.78.

The cheapest diesel to be found in the European Union is in Luxembourg at Euro1,005.14 per 1,000 litres followed by Bulgaria where it will coast Euro1,023.42. Cyprus is not far behind in sixth with diesel prices at Euro1,089.75 per 1,000 litres.

The most expensive diesel at the pumbs can be found in Britain with prices at Euro1,459.72 per 1,000 litres Greece second again charging Euro1,326.

Unleaded 95 per litre in Cyprus at the end of November coast Euro1,089 while diesel was set at Euro1,088 per litre.

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