An amazing array of locally grown produce can be savoured and enjoyed during your North Cyprus Holiday , Lemons and Orange are a particular speciality of North Cyprus along with Watermelons, Grapes  and not forgetting  Olives, so dear to the people of North Cyprus that an annual festival is held celebrating the Olive harvest.

Eating out in North Cyprus is not just an essential part of life it is a social activity, enjoyed by many in a wide selection of restaurants offering local cuisine, Italian, Indian or Chinese cuisine.

North Cyprus really is a destination   to suit all tastes.

Delicious and tasty food is not so much a part of life in North Cyprus, its better described as a way of life.

Entertaining plays an important role in North Cyprus and Meal times whether simple or lavish are always prepared with fresh ingredients and above all pride! As a visitor to North Cyprus you will be invited to share the North Cypriots passion for food , an offer you will not be able to resist.

What is on the Menu? Traditional Turkish Kebabs are very popular, along with fresh fish. Meals always start with meze, a variety of hot and cold starters and what better way to end your meal than with a delicious locally made desert. Of course a wide variety of European and International cuisine is also readily available. The choice is yours!

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