15062009_spring-image-wallpaper7Spring Start For Paphos Desalination ,Water Coast Dediced Soon

A Paphos mobile desalination until is on track to start processing sea water in April but coast of the treated commodity have not yet been decided.

The unit, located on the coast below Kouklia south of Asprokremmos dam,will  provide water to communities and municipalities from the east of the district upto Peyia.

The cost of desalinated water tends to be high owing to the amount of power needed for the process but chief of the Paphos water Development Department(WDD). Kyriakos Spannos, says that prices have not  yet been set.

“The decision for pricing of water is made centrally by the Council of Ministers. We still have not received any information about coast but expect to in due course”, he told .

The WDD sells water to community boards and municipalities which then set water prices independently.

İnstallation of the until started in May last year and is being undertaken by Greek company, Mesogios.  When it is completed, it will process 30,000m3 of water a day.

Water use restrictions across  Cyprus were lifted as stocks of the commodity reached healthy levels following two years of shortages which saw widespread heavy rationing during the summer months. Especially hard hit in 2008 and last year was the agriculture sector when state supplies plummeyed leaving many farmers dependent on private water supplies.

The until will operate for three years when it will be superseded by a permanent desalination plant. Menogios will be responsible for removing the mobile installation.

“As far as Paphos district is concerned, with dam water alone, we can say that we definitely have enough water to suppply domestic needs until the end of this year,”Spannos said.”With the support of the desalination unit, we are confident that needs will be met in 2011 also. Agricultural supplies will be much better too. The final percentage level of farmers`needs will be decided in April. We can confidently say we are entering a new phase of water availability.

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